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Radiotherapy, Diagnostic Imaging, Oncology, Medical Devices are our expertise. Through our exclusive partnerships we offer:

Innovative Technologies distribution
Comprehensive Cancer Centers design, development and operation
Portfolio restructuring and growth
Technical support and maintenance
Consulting Services, performance enhancement
M&A, Capital injection, JV's
Aurora MR Linac by MagnetTX
New generation
Some of the benefits of MR Linacs are hampered by the technical limitations imposed by an early-stage technology with the 2 brands currently commercialized.

Our concept while enhancing the treatment delivery and imaging quality differentiates by:
Superior quality of imaging and treatment thanks to parallel magnetic field
Ultra large bore, 110 cms
No electron return effect
Small footprint, equivalent to traditional Linacs bunkers
Low shielding for an equivalent 6 MV linac
Workhorse power: Treatment time 15 to 30 minutes allowing a high patient throughput
ZAP X Neurosurgery* by ZAP Surgical
A new era for treating brain and head & neck patients: ZAP X Neurosurgery Knife, no bunker System
Existing knifes are old technologies that delivered for long the standard of treatment in neurosurgery. Ultra-low throughput and 5 years cobalt source change (cost, risk,..) are plaguing those systems.
Our concept while enhancing the treatment delivery and imaging quality differentiates by:
No bunker requirement. Patients enter an open room.
High speed of treatment for all brain and head and neck tumours with ultra-high accuracy.
«est in class imaging, contouring and treatment conformity
Large bore and treatment cell avoiding claustrophobia and allowing communication with the operator, standing in the room!
No cobalt source.
Neurosurgery Knife without bunker, without cobalt
*Country dependant
Innovative Technologies solutions distribution
SHI has signed representation with the producers of some of the most disruptive technologies, in order to bring these to you at the best possible conditions, within a unique relationship.
AVO Light by AVO Adam
A Ground-breaking next generation Proton Therapy Linear Accelerator
Proton treatment clinical superiority finally accessible and financially viable
No 80 tonnes, 15 m high, cyclotron
No stray radiation, 60% reduced shielding
30% smaller foot print
Reduced bunker overall cost
Modular linear accelerator
Full gantry or rotating seat with built in CT
Easy rapid installation "in your cellar."
Micro beam, < 1 mm diameter and less
High conformal dose quality
Flash capable at all energies
Elekta Radiotherapy solutions*
SHI has signed a distribution and representation agreement
with Elekta, world leader in Radio Therapy
Elekta offers a most comprehensive portfolio of radiotherapy equipments:
Versa HD
*Country dependant
Turnkey projects: Comprehensive Cancer Care Centers development
SHI is partnering with Radmed to design, plan, build, state of the art Cancer Centers. Radmed is a world expert with realisation of hundreds of centers to date, working with both local and regional architects and with national firms. Our Clinical Teams experts could also provide Operational expertise to run your center while training your own team.
Shentou Capital
SHI and Shentou Capital engaged in a long term cooperation. Shentou Capital is a boutique M&A company based out of Shentou, China. SHI and Shentou Capital will establish the bridge between Companies and Capital rich entities, looking for acquisitions or capital investment, distribution channels development and other partnerships. Joining a long experience in M&A and Medical Devices or Healthcare field, this power Team will be leading your needs in M&A, Capital injection, Joint Ventures or exit.
M&A, Capital Injection, JV's
Being a global group means that we know the challenges the world is facing and adapt to different markets requirements. We help understanding and solving your specific local challenges
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Consulting Services
SHI consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, operations, technology, transformation, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions across the healthcare industry and all geographies.
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SHI Management Team
A group of Industry Leaders with an outstanding track record of success committed to your successes.
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