Design, planning, implementation and operation

Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment Centers, design, development and operation. SHI and Radmed partnership

Designing a cancer center or facility expansion presents an exciting opportunity for creating
a healing environment, offering innovative technological advances, and optimizing operational efficiencies.
Rely and partner with SHI and Radmed to drive the realisation of your cancer care, Proton or Radio therapy
Facility planning design and development for successful patient-centered care.
Operation and training for clinical excellence.
SHI brings best practices in cancer center space planning and programming, informed by industry benchmarks, and listening to leadership, staff, and provider goals. We can also provide operations by highly qualified management and staff for any period of your choice.
From visioning for your new cancer center or expansion of your current facility, to market and service volume projections, and key efficiencies in space utilization, SHI collaborates with you and your organization through all phases of facility planning and development.
SHI is partnering with RadMed, world expert with realisation of hundreds of centers todate and works with both local and regional architects and with national firms. Our Clinical Teams experts could as well be operating your center under the highest standards, best practices and train your local Team for a midterm fully autonomous operation.
Protecting and maintaining the value of your technology investment and ensuring flawless operation for the safety of your patients is key. SHI Turnkey solutions can offer Technical Support to all equipment supplied with its Team of highly qualified and Manufacturer trained engineers.
Being a global group means that we know the challenges the world is facing and adapt to different markets requirements. We help understanding and solving your specific local challenges
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